Regal Tower – Renders

11 10 2008

Just stumbled across a Regal Tower microsite (EDIT now taken down).   This will be a 56 storey tower (maybe higher), residential and five star hotel, at a cost of £200m.  Completion date 2012.  Now who said something about a credit crunch?

If you want to know how tall this building will be, Hyatt Hotel on Broad Street is 75m in height, next to Regal (see end of post for map) we will have Broad Street Tower which will be 134m in height, 38 floors.  Regal is 56+ floors and may well be between 160m and 200m.

Eastside has VTP200 planned, this will be 200m in height, however it be on far lower ground, therefore from a distance VTP200 may not look any higher than the BT Tower, which measures at 152m in height.  Broad Street is on higher ground than BT, so it will really poke high in the sky.

Jon Bounds has asked where will this be, it will be on Broad Street.

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4 responses

14 10 2008
Nick Booth

I’m thinking vulgar. Hoping I’m wrong.

10 03 2009
Regal Tower renders go public « Birmingham Eastside

[...] Six months after I first posted renders of Regal Tower, today they have officially gone public.  Seems my scoop was [...]

10 05 2010

^^^ Typical British/Brummie attitude, always negative about everything and never welcomes change. Don’t be such a tool, this isn’t the final piece, the developer has changed the aspects of the cladding and details, the height remains the same.

28 07 2013

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